Sharefaith Kids is a cloud-based 52 Week Sunday School Curriculum, created to simplify teacher preparation and get kids excited about God’s Word. This top-notch, Sunday School curriculum works exceptionally well as a VBS program. It contains over 600 visually compelling Bible illustrations, age-appropriate application, in-class activities as well as take-home tasks. It’s cloud-based, which means preparation and presentation happens on-line. No paperwork!
Each lesson can be self-narrated or auto-played. Auto-play contains professionally recorded voice-narration and a stunning orchestral soundtrack. It’s Sunday School like never before!



Customer Reviews (verified). Average user rating 4.4 out of 5

Fredrick Chege March 22, 2015 (User rating 5/5)
“Amazing Awesome”

Faith Morris November 24, 2014 (User rating 5/5)
“David & Goriath This Kids share is amazing!”

Ben Davol October 16, 2014 (User rating 5/5)
“Great app Love accessing my lesson prep on the fly”

Michael Alirah September 4, 2014 (User rating 5/5)
“Perfect! A very good way to train up the children in the way of God.”