Organise your prayer life with this straightforward and distraction-free app.
Every day, Prayer Mate will select a person or topic that you’ve entered from each of your main categories (perhaps “My family” or “My small group at church”) and show them to you as a series of index cards – then just swipe between them to pray.

Prayer is one of the greatest privileges for the person of faith, and yet most of us wish we were better at it. Now when you say to someone “I’ll pray for you!” you can make sure you follow it up.

* Intuitive index card interface lets you swipe between the day’s topics
* Set up your own personal categories and subjects to suit the way you pray
* Subscribe to online prayer diaries, with content from organisations such as London City Mission, Open Doors, UCCF The Christian Unions, Church Society and numerous local churches (including your own if you like!)
* Get the Church of England Collect for the Day automatically
* Operation World country for the day feed
* Attach photos and PDFs to prayer points
* Optional daily alarm clock to remind you to pray
* Schedule cards by date or day of the week/month, or just let PrayerMate pick for you
* Attach photos to subjects
* Backup and restore via Dropbox (compatible with iOS version)
* Downloadable prayer gallery

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Customer Reviews (verified). Average user rating 4.7 out of 5

Nathan A 25 September 2016 (Using rating 5 out of 5)
“A most helpful tool I’ve used PrayerMate for about 3 years, at least on a daily basis, sometimes several times a day. It keeps me balanced in prayer. I have collected/written hundreds of prayers and arranged them under almost 20 categories, including Praise, Petition, Praying Scripture, Repentance, Thanksgiving, Hymn Singing, Waiting, Listening for Direction, etc”

Elizabeth Perilloux 23 June 2016 (User rating 4 out of 5)
“Good Guide for Daily Prayer It has taken me sometime to become familiar enough with this prayer guide to be able to use it effectively. First I uninstalled it because it seemed overwhelming. However on reflection, I realized that it is an excellent guide and that I need to spend time really trying to learn to use it. For the past few months I have learned the basics yet I can see so much more application to help me and to give me consistency in my prayer life,especially in the area of intercession. I recommend it highly.”

Tim Baxter 26 September 2016 (User rating 5 out of 5)
“Easy and helpful Didn’t take much effort to set up and easy to add new things. The biblical prayers have been a good addition to my prayer time.”


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