Inspirational Bible Verses brings you hundreds of great inspirational verses from the Bible. Get inspired by a new Bible verse each time.

You can mark verses as your favourites and refer them later. You can also share your favorite verses with your friends over Facebook, Twitter or Email. The latest update comes with a beautiful Today view widget that you can add to your lock screen. It also comes with colourful themes and reads out the verses when you tap over them.


Customer reviews (verified). Average user review 5 out of 5

Absolutely Love It (User review 5/5)
by BlindDuchess
“This brightens my day, thus allows me to share with my other blind friends who are also spiritual beings like myself. It also helps me stay close to the Bible as well. Might I make one suggestion please, Could you possibly make it possible for the blind who may view the verses on Twitter or Facebook that voice over be able to read the message as well. We know that its a picture/image because voice over does tell us that much.”

Great App! (User review 5/5)
by Reiningchic
“This app is a huge blessing! For a fast paced life style it is a daily reminder to read God’s Word. I love how it automatically notifies me each day that there is a new verse to read. That way if I’m on the go, I still get a chance to read God’s Word as fast as a text message! Those daily notifications have come when I was in the hospital with a loved one, getting dressed for work, at the gas pump, facing a conflict. They always have encouragement and are a blessing!”

Wonderful ! (User review 5/5)
by bigbadad
“This application helps me to easily find the comfort,strength and messages needed daily to give me the nourishment for the Spirit of God within me. Just as you must feed your body to make it strong and healthy so must you do for the Spirit ! Verse to verse to verse when you are needing to talk with God and hear his voice for direction in your life you will find it within these random scriptures.”