DVO offers honest and personal daily devotions, thoughts and conversations around God, faith and life. Download now and get inspiring blog-style thoughts and HD wallpapers delivered to your Android phone every day.
Get your heart and mind focused on the infinite and eternal; the teachings of Christ and how they intersect with our wonderful, crazy, messy and beautiful lives, every day. Share your responses and favourites on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest and email to encourage and inspire your friends.

Founded by Jesse and Lizzy Milani, PocketFuel was created to help people think more deeply and frequently about the Bible, God, faith and life, and how these all collide into and compliment each other every day. We all live such different lives, but at the heart of it all is the same thing; a quest for meaning, belonging, faith and hope. Easy and convenient to access on smart phones makes it that much more possible for people to be encouraged and empowered in their faith every day.



Customer reviews (verified). Average review rating 4.9 out of 5.

DVO keeps me on track! (User rating 5 out of 5)
by VTmary
“With the busyness of life, it’s easy to lose sight of priorities. DVO helps me keep things in proper perspective.
I love that my daughter, several friends and family members share with me in reading these devotions. We often talk about how a particular topic speaks to us, and encourage/remind each other to keep up the daily reading.
Lizzy & Jesse write in an authentic, relatable and relevant style. The artwork is a special bonus. We often set them as background for our phone to keep the message up front and remembered as we live in this often crazy world.
DVO is my go-to app for setting, resetting, and maintaining a focus on what really matters.

My favorite devotions & spiritually uplifting artwork! (User rating 5 out of 5)
by notsleepingatall
“I’ve been a subscriber for several years now and even with all the devotion apps out there I always return to DVO. The content is deep and speaks directly to me all the time. I am amazed by God working through what I read, (as He does)! The daily artwork is gorgeous and sized to use as iPhone wallpaper…that brought me to the app to start…and it’s a staple as my wallpaper, reminders of God’s Word. Highly recommended all around.”

Thankful for DVO (User rating 5 out of 5)
by KawaB123
“I turn to my phone to help me wake up. I’m not a jump out of bed type of person. My brain needs to be convinced it wants to turn on 😀. I was looking at social media apps but realized that’s not what I wanted/needed to help me start the day. I started searching for devotional apps. I did the DVO trial and LOVED it. The pictures, scripture and raw conversation in each day’s entry speaks to my heart and helps me start my day off on the right foot: focused on Christ ❤️.”