With over 1 million users worldwide, Bible in One Year is the leading daily bible reading app. Nicky Gumbel, vicar of HTB church in London and pioneer of Alpha, provides amazing audio and written commentary to walk you through each day’s Bible readings.
Each day you will receive a Psalm or Proverbs reading, and New Testament reading, and an Old Testament reading. Updated daily, Nicky Gumbel then provides insightful commentary on each Bible passage, intended to be read or listened to alongside the Bible to provide fresh understanding of the texts.

Bible in One Year uses the New International Version (NIV) translation of the Bible, as well as drawing on other Bible translations such as The Message (MSG) to provide insights to each reading.

Listen to Nicky Gumbel’s commentary for each day’s Bible passage, and his prayers for the day
Stream the audio commentary, or download it to listen offline

The commentary is updated each day, making it relevant to your life right now
Nicky Gumbel draws on a variety of different translations, including the New International Version (NIV) and The Message (MSG) to provide the best possible understanding of each passage

Bible in One Year allows you sync all your readings for offline use so that you never miss a day
The audio commentaries are also available for download to listen offline



Customer reviews (verified). Average user rating.

Alan Howlett August 15, 2016
“Good, but a data hog! 6MB per day. A useful app, but it loses its place when stopped and restarted. Pippa’s comments are sometimes weak. A progress chart would be nice, showing proportion read. Please reduce the data use. Download scripture in compressed form and when wifi available.”

arlos Andra August 24, 2016
“Authentic Gosple Nicky has a gift of sharing the story of God with the gentleness of Jesus. These commentaries are fun and entertaining while teaching you more Gosple truths. Love the option to listen (for commuting). I often look forward to a giggle at Pippa’s transparency.”

Megan Beams August 26, 2016
“Pretty cool! Thank you! I was looking for something just like this and then I heard someone recommend this app in a sermon. 😆 God bless”

Florence Shiramba July 22, 2016
“Wonderful! The BEST Description of GOD and WHO I can be Through JESUS CHRIST!”